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Mirrors are not only useful, they are the decoration every home and commercial property needs. Our mirror fitting service is designed to help you with the installation of all kinds and sizes of wall and bathroom mirrors. Do you have a made to measure mirror, a large flameless item for your wall or wardrobe door, or a smaller piece you need added to a vanity? Well, we have the tools to fit all of these for you. Simply give us a ring and you will have your service scheduled at your convenience. And also:

  • your personal quote over the phone and online
  • a range of maintenance options available for booking as standalone services or combined
  • customer care and support over the phone and online 24/7
  • discount rates on full-day and half-day bookings
  • flexible booking options from early morning until late evening, 7 days a week

How We Do Our Mirror Mounting Service

It all depends on the size and position of your piece. We make sure to measure and level before installation, depending on where you want your mirror and who will be using it. When installing mirrors in the bathroom, the London mirror fitters make sure there are no pipes running behind the wall and are extra careful about wiring and electrical installations in walls. They bring along all necessary tools and equipment to secure mirrors onto walls or furniture. So, feel free to schedule mirror fitting and mounting for:

  • small, medium, and large mirrors
  • frameless and framed mirrors
  • medicine cabinets mirrors
  • illuminated mirrors
  • pivoting mirrors
  • swing arm mirrors
  • glass shelf

Choose Our Mirror Hanging Service because

  • It saves time and effort – our flexible booking schedule lets you arrange a service whenever the time is right for you.
  • It doesn’t put a dent in your wallet – service charges are hourly-based, so you stay in control of your spending.
  • Its brilliant results are guaranteed – the team of experienced specialists have vast experience and expert training!
  • It is professionally carried out by experienced handymen with ID cards and uniforms for your peace of mind.
  • It can be carried out on short notice anywhere in Greater London

only inside M25

Pricing / Rates options

All Work Guaranteed

Flexible Scheduling Options

Recognizible Operatives

Hire Mirror Installers in London

To arrange your mirror hanging service, get in touch with us at 020 3404 5950 or use our live chat to talk to a friendly customer care operator. We are always happy to provide information and estimates or set up your appointment. You can also request a call back from us by entering your details in our contact form. We will get in touch shortly to discuss the details of your service.

Find out What Else We Can Do for You

In addition to hanging mirrors in your home or office, My Handyman Services can also help you with the mundane upkeep of your property. Ask our operators about the range of odd jobs we can carry out and they will offer you special discount rates if you book additional services for half a day or full day. From plumbing and electrical repairs to carpentry services, we’re always happy to help.